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 Shaq might play for Celtics in Miami

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Shaq might play for Celtics in Miami Empty
PostSubject: Shaq might play for Celtics in Miami   Shaq might play for Celtics in Miami Icon_minitimeTue Nov 16, 2010 6:39 pm

Shaquille O 'Neal groaned as he curled his body 7-foot out of his seat Courtside, then took a step slow to the first practice floor.For Boston Celtics, which was welcome progress.O 'Neal hopes to return to the Celtics lineup when they visit the Miami Heat on Thursday,cheap Jordan shoes but neither he nor Boston 'sentered?honor Doc Rivers looked like something that was close tocertainty. O 'Neal has missed the last five games of what was diagnosed as a bruised right knee, but he says thatit doeshad persistent pain in the middle of his shin as well.
I invented a knee brace fibrillation, I will not be affected over there, "said O 'Neal, as he pulled on knee pads and a flexible sleeve around each of its calves.The fact thathe was joking around is a good sign.At 38 years, and just a bit above its weight list of 325 books, it doesis not always the dominant force he once was.Air Jordans The Celtics are just asking forhave moments of radiance ofOriginal and O 'Neal believes thathe can still do it. Although the final number showed him with only nine points and seven rebounds against the Heat in season opens Oct. 26, it was sometimes a load of Miami could not handle.
Perhaps theOne of the reasons why he wants to come back against one of his former teams Thursday night:?I'm not worried noteam, another brother, "said.He O 'Neal repeated several times to theEmphasis: If people hadn?t said Miami was a departure 5-3, O 'Neal asserts thatit doeswould not otherwise have known.?J 'I put my own things to s'worry ", Said.Like O 'Neal is healthy for one.Nike Air Jordan He averaged 8.7 points and 5.3 rebounds in the first three games of the season, all in therelatively limited. But the Celtics are seriously banged up in the big man department - Jermaine O 'Neal, another former Heat center, said he still struggling with a sore left knee that kept him sidelined for the second half of the game from Boston to Dallas.
Knowing that Shaq said thathe will try to play against the Heat. Rivers said the Celtics would not rush the process. "Probably not . maybe both . who knows?"Rivers said whenhe was asked whether one orAnother O 'Neal would be in the lineup for the second meeting of the season against Miami.There was a time when an injury had persistent mood soured Shaquille O 'Neal on everything.Air jordan shoes This was the case in his last weeks in Miami, where hip problems thekept off the field and added to a time ofirritant in his life - all his business to Phoenix and the heat starting over with the free agency period 2010 tomind.
Shaq eventually landed in Cleveland and now in Boston, where he says thatHe will spend the last two seasons of his career. "It was perfect "Said Shaq. "I 'would not have script on my last 700 days any better. Great guy, great went?honor the great city. J 'lives in theoutside Boston, even a bigger city there where I live in Sudbury. Nice and peaceful, it is good,Jordan shoes good for an old man to just relax. J 'have a beautiful farm of 10 acres, re?u a nice little chair over there, I see wild turkeys and foxes and coyotes in my grass.
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Shaq might play for Celtics in Miami
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