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 The New Rich: How Much Money Does It Take?

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The New Rich: How Much Money Does It Take? Empty
PostSubject: The New Rich: How Much Money Does It Take?   The New Rich: How Much Money Does It Take? Icon_minitimeMon Dec 06, 2010 5:47 pm

What should be considered rich in 2010?Theold standard million now seems defunct that amount is often presented as a minimum that must be saved for a comfortable retirement. Lets look at some recent attempts to identify the new standard wealth.Housing: A million dollars could not even buy you a house in theone of America 's Top 10 most expensive cities in thereal estate, according to an article in the September 22, 2010, MarketWatch. The most expensive city on the list, Newport Beach, California, had a list price average of 1.83 million, while the cheapest on the list, Santa Barbara, California,ugg maxene black had an average price of 1, list 02 million for the period from February to August?T 2010. And some surveys of wealth does not even include home equity in theevaluating the net worth of people. The annual World Wealth Report defines that wealthy individuals "these elementswith investable assets of U.S.
Movies:In the movie?Austin Powers?Dr. Evil, the villain in the 60 frozen and thawed in modern times, trying toextorting world leaders. He seeks $ 1 million, and they all laugh at him. Dr. Evil figures later thathe needs to ask many moremoney - $ 1 million doesis simply not a large sum. The bad doctor later ups its application to a suitably sinister than $ 100 billion.Women's Bailey Button Krinkle Another popular reference to our standards ofchanges in wealth occurs?The Social Network ", A 2010 film of the founding of Facebook. A conversation between Justin Timberlake Sean Parker and Andrew Garfield character Eduardo Saverin character goes.
Forbes' List:When Forbes began compiling its list of 400 richest Americans in 1982, only 13 of them were millionaires. In 2010, every person on the list was worth at least a billion dollars, the highest ranked person, Bill Gates, worth 54 million billion.Forbes?2010 List of billionaires in 1011 has a huge input. Of these, 75 people are tied for last place with a net worth of $ 1 billion. These people do not only U.S. but also theIndia, Turkey, China, Romania, Italy, Poland, Malaysia,ugg joslyn sale Pakistan andother countries. And while some familiar names grace the bottom of the list, as JK Rowling and James Dyson, many of these billionaires simple - and even some of the richest people on the list - are relatively obscure. You don 'did not needbe a Warren Buffett or Sergey Brin find themselves at the top.
Books:A book in 2008 entitled "The Middle Class Millionaire?Says that 8.4 millionAmericans have a net worth between 1 million and $ 10 million, including home equity. Presumably many people have fallen on this category with the lower values oforigin from the time the book was written, but theidea that you can be a millionaire or even a multimillionaire, and even the middle class shows how many times have changed.There are many books for sale with?billionaire?in the title.ugg finnegan boots Claim ofteach readers how to achieve common wealth is very popular these securities (for n 'name a few) in the category of business andInvestment:Trump Strategies for Real Estate: The?Billionaire ons for the small investor?,?Think Like a Billionaire ""become a millionaire?and?Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to achieve exponential growth ".
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The New Rich: How Much Money Does It Take?
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