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 Fastest-Growing Small Towns

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Fastest-Growing Small Towns Empty
PostSubject: Fastest-Growing Small Towns   Fastest-Growing Small Towns Icon_minitimeTue Dec 14, 2010 7:04 pm

There are some areas that seem torecession proof misfortunes.Women's Gissella The first is theeducation. Another is the sport. Well s?r, there is military.Fairbanks, Alaska 'ssupports in particular the latter. Home to theFort Wainwright and Eielson military base, the median income of families in Fairbanks in 2009 was $ 87,239 and the rate of ch?unemployment was only 6.5%, well in?to the national average of 9.2% for 2009.Maybe c 'why is the population of the region jumped 13.7% between 2006 and 2009, making the city of Fairbanks fastest growing in small America.To identify small American cities are the most dynamic, we used census data to calculate the rate of population growth between 2006 and 2009 for all cities of less than 100,000.
Some surprising results: Despite theFlorida State bust real estate disaster,ugg Women's Caspia some communities ofstate are still flourishing. The Villages, Florida, a haven for retirees, saw its population increase by 13% to 77,681 in 2009. And while Palm Coast, Florida, doesis not a retirement community, theNo housing bust 'has not slowed down. The region, home to several medium-sized companies, saw its population cro?very rapidly since 1990, and is still going strong. population from 2006 to 2009 Palm Coast grew by 10.3% to 91,622.
Then there Lincolnton, NC, an old textile town northwest of Charlotte.Women's Brooks Tall Despite rates of c. Charlotte?high unemployment - 10.4% - people continue to move in that particular city. The population increased from 5.8% to 76,043 in 2009. Why?Bills zone itself as a place?import taxesa small city transportation system ofa big city. "In fact, Lincolnton near theCharlotte airport, and imp?ts land are tiny. Residents pay only $ 570 in annual taxes on property valued at $ 100,000. But do not come to Lincolnton for a job. The rate of PS?mage in Lincoln County, according toLincoln Economic Development Association, is 14.1%.
Yet according to John Connaughton,Women's Highkoo II Babson Capital Professor offinancial economics at theUNC Charlotte Belk College of Business, Lincolnton has two essential things for him: a new road and NASCAR racing. "There is a very big industry in this race car construction zone?Said Connaughton?Top Series teams are located in the region, as well as backup series and the manufacturing team and shops are located here. And there are 400 to 500 other companies that provide car parts.
Moreover, recently re Lincolnton?u a new road - U.S.Women's Kensington 321 - which connects to I-85. C 'is four-lane road divided Lincolnton has a convenient location for those who needget quickly around the area.So sometimes the growth ofa city has to do with geography, jobs or resources. Andother times it 'sacts of race cars.
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Fastest-Growing Small Towns
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