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 Are we dead yet?

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mature pup
mature pup

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PostSubject: Are we dead yet?   Fri Oct 05, 2007 8:52 pm

seriously.. i know i've been busy and all but.. jeez!! this place looks like a ghost town!!! affraid

anyway... i'm happy to report that Kaydee is full on her feet. she is still wonky and has a drunken swagger - i've been calling her Captain Jack as a result (Jack Sparrow) ... she has also completely lost her mind i think... she has taken to fighting with the inground fence... its on a low low setting and the collar is loose - the beep is usually enough to keep her back , but if she gets too close it will vibrate..
LATELY she gets right at the edge of the boundary and the collar will beep or vibrate and she ... attacks the ground and barks at it.... it was kinda funny at first actually.. but now its !!!!! near annoying!! she had two places at the boundary where she has actually bitten chunks out of the ground.. Suspect

Ben is a little more social.. but only really comes to life during feeding time. i've also taken in my cousins two dogs - another bulldog and a chihuahua.... Bo - the bulldog(was supposed to be my bulldog until Kaydee got hurt so my cousin kept him) he's a good dog.. very very smart and quick to respond to commands. he has trained to the i-fence in less than a week!! when i turn him loose he will get too close to the boundary, hear the beep, and he will run to my side and heel. he is absolutely convinced that that is what he must do anytime he hears the beep!
the chihuahua, Mattie, is a little carpet shark.. or she was.. she used to be allowed to bark and yap and nip at people.... no one even attempted to discipline her.. they MIGHT put her in her crate, but then she would start howling and scratching at the door..... she is also being house trained. when she came to me she would sneak off to a corner to take a dump... she would actually hold on to it and wait to come in the house to crap! i'm not too surprised though... my cousin's kids rooms were covered in dog crap.... the kids never picked it up scratch but neither did anyone else!

anyway.... thats not the way i run things at my house. so far i am having lots of luck in keeping them. Bo has lost some weight, which is a good thing. he was looking like a spotted pig when he first got here! and Mattie isnt quite as annoying when we have guests.

My kids are also doing great! both of them growing like weeds. my oldest just had his second birthday on Oct. 2nd. we're waiting for the weekend to have his birthday party though... everyone was out of town last week.

oh yeah... i also have four ducks and six rabbits. you might say that i'm on my way to growing my own dog food. after all the petfood recalls i've had enough with the worrying! i figure this time next year we'll be completely self sustaining in regards to dog food.

anyway..... i expect no one will read this lol its still looking like a ghost town around here!!
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Top Pit
Top Pit

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PostSubject: Re: Are we dead yet?   Tue Oct 09, 2007 10:47 pm

HAHA I read it!!! Yes things a might slow around here. I have been wondering where every went. Glad to hear things are going okay for you. I just added a pup to my household a month ago we found im along side the highway the vet said he was no more than 5wks so he is about 10 wks old now and is in pup class the youngest one there.

First they ignore me. Then they laugh at me. Then they fight me. Then I win. -Ghandi-
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Are we dead yet?
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