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 Panache X Sierra

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PostSubject: Re: Panache X Sierra   Thu Nov 16, 2006 5:34 am

redsky wrote:
LegendsMami wrote:
redsky wrote:
LegendsMami wrote:
That made sense to me Red. Thats pretty cool with the genetics stuff. I have a question! LOL...Why is blue eyes a fault in APBTs? Someone asked me and I had no clue. I was thinking b/c its associated with Merle colring and hearing problems and all that. But I really don't know.

It depends on the actual blue of the eye. If it is the glassy blue look then yes it is due to pigment problems but an actual blue like human blue eye is not a fault it's the glassy blue that shows signs of lack of pigment which leads to them same issues from the merle and albino genes. I would post pics but might insult some folks so I won't lol.

Lol...Gemyni's one eye is blue. (If you can see my banner). I know nothing about her pedigree or anything. Still havent caught up with my sister yet. Were still missing each other's phone calls. lol

that's not the pigment problem type of blue though, the eye actually has a glassy look to it when there are pigment issues.

Oh okay. I understand now!
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PostSubject: Re: Panache X Sierra   Tue Dec 12, 2006 4:27 am

MidwestBully wrote:
This should be an awsome breeding. Do you know their working abilities?

Kurupt has been worked alot and he is a !!!!! good worker another reason i am going with him. He has also been protection trained, although I don't agree with protection training pits but that's just me.
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Panache X Sierra
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