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 The solar water tank

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The solar water tank Empty
PostSubject: The solar water tank   The solar water tank Icon_minitimeWed Jul 13, 2011 5:25 pm

The main purpose of the solar heating systems is to heat water for the household needs. A solar hot water tank is the center of these systems, and they are used to store solar thermal energy. The collected heat from the solar panels is concentrated in a fluid which circulates through a closed-loop system (heat exchanger). The heat is transferred to the clean water stored in the insulated water tank until you need it later on. 

The unique features of a solar hot water tank are:
1. The storage capacity of a solar storage tank is a lot higher.
2.Because heat rises, the shape of a solar tank must be tall and thin, so as the water stratifies in the tank. At the bottom, the solar heat exchanger is using cold water, and the heated water will rise to the top of the tank. The hottest water is at the top of the tank, and the outlet is there for that reason.
3.Strong insulation prevents heat loss and stores heat for up to several days as opposed to a few hours.

There are at least two heat exchanging units: the bottom of the tank transfers solar heat to the tank, and the upper part allows for more heating by another source which is turned on when the water falls below a specific temperature. Therefore, hot water is for all time accessible.

You can consult a Solar hot water victoria Company to get more details about the benefits of having a solar hot water tank. When shopping for a solar tank to hold heated water for your house, choose one that holds about twice the hot water you approximate your family will use daily. This will keep you prepared for unexpected needs.
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The solar water tank
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